I am a qualified supervisor and work on either a one-to-one basis or within a group, depending onpreference and availability. 

The supervision I offer is person-centred, although I am happy to work with  counsellors who draw from any approach.  

I am also experienced at working with counsellors in training and have previously been a tutor and lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy for Middlesex University.  I am therefore able to support trainees on their path to becomingqualified counsellors and am aware of some of the challenges that can be experienced along the way.

My supervision philosophy:

I aim to work towards a collaborative relationship of trust that is both challenging and supportive, underpinned with mutual openness, respect and understanding.  Enabling supervision to be empowering of the counsellor and a place where s/he feels able to explore any areas of concern or difficulty in the knowledge that the purpose of the work is to assist in counsellor development, rather than to be in judgement thereof.

In practice this means helping supervisees to explore general case work or specific ethical issues within their client relationships, with a view to finding a way forward that has both the client and counsellor’s safety and well-being as paramount. 




My fees are as follows:

  • one-to-one supervision - £50 for 1.5 hours
  • group supervision (max 4 participants) - £30 each for 3 hours  
  • reduced rate for students - £30 for one-to-one, £20 each for group
  • am happy to complete any reports required by placements, agencies or training establishments, although this may incur an additional cost which will be agreed in advance.